Important Dates

Submission Deadline

June 17, 2021

Registration Deadline

June 21, 2021

Conference Dates

June 25-27, 2021


Paper Template (Download)

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  • Regular Author
  • Author(Student,Committees)
  • Extra Paper
  • Presenter Only
  • Listener
  • 470USD/3000RMB
  • 450USD/2800RMB
  • 450USD/2800RMB
  • 150USD/1000RMB
  • 150USD/1000RMB

1) Regular Registration: Submit a full paper to publish in  conference proceeding.
2) Student author: Provide a valid certificate from their departments (only for the first author).
3) Extra paper: Extra papers submitted by the same author, excluding the first paper.
4) Additional Page: If the paper exceeds 4 pages, extra pages (begin at page 5)
 should be paid at 50USD(300RMB)/page.
5) Presenter: Only submit abstract to present at the conference.
6) Listeners: Only attend the conference, without publication.